Watch: 'Pati, Patni Aur Cricket' – KKR's Nitish Rana Sent To The Cleaners


Nitish Rana's explosive batting against CSK left fans in awe. But did you know he's also a talented bowler? Watch him shine in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


KKR's Nitish Rana was sent to the cleaners by CSK's Faf du Plessis. But he's not one to back down. Watch him take on the challenge in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


Rana's all-round performance has been crucial for KKR this season. From big hits to crucial wickets, he's been a key player in their success. Watch him in action in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


The 27-year-old has been a consistent performer for KKR, scoring over 300 runs in the tournament so far. But his biggest test will be against the mighty Mumbai Indians. Watch him battle it out in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


Rana's journey to the IPL has been a tough one. From being rejected in trials to becoming a star player, he's proved his mettle time and again. Watch his inspiring story in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


Rana's love for cricket started at a young age and he's been honing his skills ever since. His dedication and hard work have paid off, making him one of the most promising players in the IPL. Watch him in action in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


Apart from his cricketing skills, Rana is also known for his love for his family. He often shares heartwarming moments with his wife and daughter on social media. Watch his adorable family moments in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


Rana's passion for the game is infectious and his teammates look up to him for inspiration. He's not just a player, but a leader on and off the field. Watch him lead KKR to victory in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


As the IPL reaches its climax, all eyes will be on Rana to deliver yet another stellar performance. Will he be able to guide KKR to their third title? Watch the nail-biting finale in 'Pati, patni aur cricket'.


Don't miss out on the action as KKR's Nitish Rana takes on the biggest challenge of his career. Watch 'Pati, patni aur cricket' and witness the rise of a true cricketing star.