Virat Kohli: 'Once I'm Done, You Won't See Me For A While'


Virat Kohli, the Indian cricket team captain, recently announced that he will be taking a break from cricket after the T20 World Cup in 2021.


In an interview, Kohli said, "Once I'm done, you won't see me for a while." This statement has left fans wondering about his future plans.


Kohli has been a key player for the Indian team, leading them to many victories. His absence will surely be felt by the team and fans alike.


However, Kohli believes that taking a break is necessary for him to recharge and come back stronger. He wants to focus on his mental and physical well-being.


The 32-year-old has been playing non-stop cricket for the past few years and has been under immense pressure. A break will give him the much-needed rest.


Kohli also mentioned that he wants to spend quality time with his family and loved ones during this break. He has been away from them for a long time due to his busy schedule.


This decision by Kohli has sparked speculations about his retirement from cricket. However, he has made it clear that he is not retiring anytime soon.


Kohli's break will also give the Indian team a chance to groom new players and build a strong team for the future. This break could be a blessing in disguise for the team.


Fans are eagerly waiting for Kohli's return and are hoping that he will come back with a bang. His passion and dedication towards the game are unmatched.


As Kohli takes a break from cricket, let's wish him all the best and hope to see him back on the field soon. The Indian team will surely miss their captain, but his well-being is the top priority.