Tyronn Lue Says It's 'great To Be Wanted' Amid Lakers Speculation; He's Focused On Coaching Clippers


Tyronn Lue, former coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is now being considered for the head coaching position with the Los Angeles Lakers.


Despite the speculation, Lue remains focused on his current role as the head coach of the LA Clippers.


In a recent interview, Lue expressed his gratitude for being wanted by multiple teams.


He stated that it's a great feeling to know that his coaching abilities are valued by other organizations.


However, Lue made it clear that his main focus is on leading the Clippers to success.


He believes that the team has the potential to be a championship contender and he is committed to helping them reach that goal.


Lue's coaching style has been praised by players and colleagues alike, making him a highly sought-after candidate.


But for now, Lue is fully dedicated to his current team and their upcoming season.


He is determined to build a strong and cohesive team that can compete at the highest level.


As the Lakers continue their search for a new head coach, Lue remains focused on his own team and their journey towards success.