'Pressure And Politics': Rahul's Advice That Made Langer Pull Out Of India Coach Race


The pressure was mounting on Justin Langer to become India's coach, but Rahul Dravid's advice made him pull out of the race.


Langer was flattered by the offer, but Dravid reminded him of the challenges and politics that come with the job.


Dravid's words struck a chord with Langer, who realized that the role of India's coach is not just about cricket, but also about handling the media and the board.


As a former player, Dravid understood the complexities of the Indian cricket system and warned Langer about the intense scrutiny he would face.


Langer knew that he would have to deal with constant interference and criticism, which could take a toll on his mental and emotional well-being.


Dravid's advice made Langer realize that the job was not worth sacrificing his peace of mind and family time.


Despite the lure of coaching a top team like India, Langer decided to prioritize his personal life and declined the offer.


His decision was met with mixed reactions, but Langer knew that he had made the right choice for himself and his family.


Dravid's wise counsel not only saved Langer from a potentially stressful job, but also strengthened their friendship.


In the end, Langer's decision to pull out of the race for India's coach was a testament to the power of true friendship and the importance of prioritizing one's well-being.