Mystik Dan Wins 150th Kentucky Derby In Photo Finish


The crowd roars as Mystik Dan crosses the finish line, winning the 150th Kentucky Derby in a thrilling photo finish.


Jockey Jack Smith celebrates his first Derby win, riding Mystik Dan to victory in a nail-biting race.


Mystik Dan, a dark horse with 20-1 odds, shocks the racing world with his impressive speed and stamina.


Trainer Sarah Jones sheds tears of joy as she watches her beloved horse claim the coveted Derby title.


The road to the Derby was not easy for Mystik Dan, who overcame injuries and setbacks to reach this moment.


Fans and bettors alike are left in awe as Mystik Dan's win marks one of the biggest upsets in Derby history.


The stunning photo finish captures the intensity and determination of both Mystik Dan and his closest competitor.


As the trophy is presented to the winning team, Mystik Dan's owners beam with pride and gratitude.


The legacy of Mystik Dan will forever be remembered as he joins the ranks of legendary Derby champions.


The 150th Kentucky Derby will go down in history as the day Mystik Dan proved that anything is possible.