‘I Feel Like We Deserve Better’: How And Why Tennis Lets Women Down


Tennis is a sport that prides itself on equality, but the reality is that women are often treated as second-class citizens.


From pay disparities to unequal media coverage, the tennis world has a long way to go in terms of gender equality.


Despite producing some of the most talented and successful athletes, women's tennis is still not given the same respect as men's.


The pay gap between male and female tennis players is staggering, with women earning significantly less prize money.


Even top female players like Serena Williams have spoken out about the unequal treatment and pay in the sport.


But it's not just about money, women's tennis also receives less media coverage and sponsorship opportunities.


This lack of exposure not only affects the players, but also the young girls who look up to them as role models.


It sends a message that women's sports are not as important or valuable as men's.


It's time for the tennis world to step up and give women the recognition and opportunities they deserve.


Because when we support and invest in women's tennis, we are not only promoting equality, but also inspiring future generations of female athletes.