Homemade Vegan Pasta Recipes


Welcome to the world of homemade vegan pasta recipes! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with these delicious and healthy dishes.


Slide into your kitchen and let's get started! First up, we have a classic marinara sauce with zucchini noodles. A perfect low-carb option for those watching their waistline.


Next, we have a creamy avocado pesto sauce with whole wheat spaghetti. This dish is packed with healthy fats and will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.


For a burst of flavor, try our spicy arrabbiata sauce with chickpea pasta. This dish is not only vegan but also gluten-free, making it a great option for those with dietary restrictions.


Craving something cheesy? Our vegan mac and cheese with cashew cream sauce will hit the spot. You won't even miss the dairy in this creamy and indulgent dish.


Feeling adventurous? Give our beetroot ravioli a try. The vibrant color and unique flavor will impress your taste buds and your dinner guests.


In the mood for something light and refreshing? Our lemon garlic zucchini noodles with cherry tomatoes and basil is the perfect summer dish.


For a hearty and filling meal, try our lentil bolognese with whole wheat penne. This dish is packed with protein and will keep you satisfied for hours.


Don't forget about dessert! Our chocolate avocado mousse with coconut whipped cream is a guilt-free treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth.


That's a wrap on our homemade vegan pasta recipes. We hope you enjoyed these dishes and feel inspired to get creative in the kitchen. Happy cooking!