DIY Wall Art: Creative Ideas Under $20


Welcome to the world of DIY wall art! Get ready to transform your space with these creative ideas for under $20.


Slide 1: Painted Canvas - Create a unique piece of art by painting a canvas with your favorite colors and patterns.


Slide 2: Washi Tape Designs - Use colorful washi tape to create geometric shapes or patterns on your walls.


Slide 3: Photo Collage - Print out your favorite photos and arrange them in a collage on your wall for a personalized touch.


Slide 4: String Art - Use nails and colorful string to create a one-of-a-kind design on a wooden board.


Slide 5: Paper Quilling - Roll strips of paper into intricate designs and frame them for a beautiful wall art piece.


Slide 6: Macrame Wall Hanging - Learn the art of macrame and create a bohemian-inspired wall hanging for your space.


Slide 7: Fabric Wall Art - Use fabric scraps or a printed fabric to create a unique wall art piece.


Slide 8: Stenciled Quotes - Use stencils and paint to add inspirational quotes or phrases to your walls.


Slide 9: Nature-Inspired Art - Collect leaves, flowers, or other natural elements and press them onto a canvas for a nature-inspired piece.