DIY Bird Feeders For Your Garden


Welcome to the world of DIY bird feeders! Get ready to attract beautiful birds to your garden with these simple and fun projects.


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First up, the classic pinecone feeder. Gather pinecones, peanut butter, and birdseed. Spread peanut butter on the pinecone and roll it in birdseed. Hang it up and watch the birds flock to it.


Next, try the toilet paper roll feeder. Cover the roll in peanut butter and roll it in birdseed. Thread a string through the roll and hang it up.


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For a more creative option, make a birdseed wreath. Mix birdseed with gelatin and press it into a bundt pan. Let it dry and hang it up with a ribbon.


Another easy option is the orange cup feeder. Cut an orange in half and scoop out the fruit. Fill the cup with birdseed and hang it up with a string.


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For a rustic look, try the mason jar feeder. Fill a jar with birdseed and attach a chicken wire lid. Hang it up and watch the birds peck through the wire.


Get the kids involved with the Cheerio feeder. Thread Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner and shape it into a circle. Hang it up and enjoy watching the birds snack on their favorite cereal.