Best Perennial Flowers That Attract Bees


Best Perennial Flowers That Attract Bees


Bees are essential for pollination. Here are the top perennial flowers that will attract these buzzing beauties to your garden.


1. Lavender: Its vibrant purple blooms and sweet fragrance make it irresistible for bees. Plant it in a sunny spot.


2. Coneflowers: These daisy-like flowers come in various colors and provide nectar throughout the summer, attracting bees and butterflies.


3. Bee balm: With its vibrant red, pink, or purple flowers, bee balm is a favorite of bees. It also adds a pop of color to your garden.


4. Salvia: Bees love the long-lasting blooms of salvias. Choose from a range of colors and sizes to suit your garden.


5. Black-eyed Susans: These cheerful yellow flowers with dark centers are a magnet for bees. They bloom from summer to fall.


6. Phlox: Fragrant and colorful, phlox attracts bees and other pollinators. Plant it in a sunny location for best results.


7. Catmint: Bees can't resist the aromatic leaves and lavender-like flowers of catmint. It's easy to grow and low maintenance.


By planting these perennial flowers, you'll not only create a beautiful garden but also provide a vital food source for bees.