Attracting Blue Jays: What You Need


Welcome to the world of Blue Jays! These beautiful birds are a sight to behold. Let's learn how to attract them to your backyard.


First things first, Blue Jays love peanuts! Place a feeder filled with peanuts in your yard and watch them flock to it.


Blue Jays also love water. A birdbath or a shallow dish filled with water will attract them. Make sure to change the water regularly.


Planting oak trees in your yard is another great way to attract Blue Jays. They love to feast on acorns.


Blue Jays are social birds and love to be around other birds. So, make sure to have a variety of bird feeders in your yard.


Blue Jays are known for their loud and distinctive calls. Mimicking their calls can also attract them to your yard.


Blue Jays are attracted to bright colors. Planting flowers like sunflowers, zinnias, and marigolds will catch their eye.


Blue Jays are also attracted to shiny objects. Hang a few shiny wind chimes or reflective objects in your yard to catch their attention.


Avoid using pesticides in your yard as they can harm Blue Jays and other birds. Opt for natural pest control methods instead.


With these tips, you'll have a backyard full of Blue Jays in no time! Remember to be patient and enjoy the beauty of these magnificent birds.