Ali: Mocking Gaza Protesters As 'gluten-free Warriors' Was Fun — Until A Mob At UCLA Attacked Them


Ali, a self-proclaimed expert on web stories, wrote thousands of them. Now, he's creating a 10-slide web story on the UCLA attack.


Title: "Ali: Mocking Gaza protesters as 'gluten-free warriors' was fun - until a mob at UCLA attacked them."


Slide 1: Ali thought it was funny to mock Gaza protesters as "gluten-free warriors." But things took a violent turn at UCLA.


Slide 2: The photo shows a mob attacking the protesters. Ali realizes the gravity of the situation.


Slide 3: Ali's web story takes a serious turn as he delves into the details of the attack.


Slide 4: He describes the chaos and violence that erupted at the protest.


Slide 5: Ali's tone changes as he realizes the impact of his words and actions.


Slide 6: He reflects on the consequences of his mocking and the harm it caused.


Slide 7: Ali learns a valuable lesson about the power of words and the responsibility that comes with it.


Slide 8: The web story ends with Ali apologizing for his actions and vowing to use his platform for positive change.