8 Majestic Mountains That Start With ‘E’


Welcome to the world of majestic mountains! Let's explore 8 stunning peaks that start with the letter 'E'.


Eiger: Towering in the Swiss Alps, the Eiger is known for its challenging climbing routes and breathtaking views.


Elbrus: Rising in the Caucasus Mountains, Mount Elbrus is the highest peak in Europe, captivating adventurers with its icy allure.


Everest: The mighty Mount Everest needs no introduction. Standing tall in the Himalayas, it lures climbers from all corners of the globe.


El Capitan: Located in Yosemite National Park, El Capitan is a legendary granite monolith, a mecca for rock climbers.


Erta Ale: Nestled in the Danakil Depression of Ethiopia, Erta Ale is a continuously active volcano with a mesmerizing lava lake.


Etna: Mount Etna, residing in Sicily, is Europe's most active volcano, showcasing its power and beauty through frequent eruptions.


El Misti: Rising above the city of Arequipa in Peru, El Misti is a stratovolcano that offers stunning panoramas to intrepid hikers.


El Altar: Found in Ecuador's Sangay National Park, El Altar enchants with its dramatic peaks, glacial lakes, and ancient legends.


Emei Shan: Situated in China's Sichuan Province, Emei Shan is a sacred Buddhist mountain, home to ancient temples and stunning vistas.